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APV Masking Kraft Paper - Leadership Through Quality

The conditions needed for covering body panels to achieve a lacquer with a perfect finish are the know-how and the right masking paper.
To avoid extra work which could be costly, the masking paper which is used to cover up the body work must imperatively meet with certain requirements:

• High material density in order to avoid the spread of lacquer - including water based clear lacquers -, varnish or solvents
• Flexibility allowing it to adapt to different body shapes
• Special treatment to ensure a resistance against water based solutions
• Single side smoothness and pore tight surface

With beginning of 2014 we are going to initialize some modifications in the specifications and packaging of the product range masking paper. The masking paper will be delivered on Ø 28 mm cores. This change makes possible to ban the plastic plugs and to use almost exclusively natural materials. These changes are our contribution for a better environment and we are confident that you will support us in this approach.

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